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Welcome to TRECI

Interested in joining the ranks of TRECI?
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Welcome to TRECI

PostMon Jan 09, 2012 8:50 pm

    About TRECI:

      The Red Circle Inc. [TRECI] is a wormhole corporation inhabiting a Class 5 WH system with a Class 5 static.
      Our activities primarily revolve about combat, both PvP and PvE, therefore we are actively recruiting combat-focused pilots.

      We offer you:

      • A close-knit corp environment where everyone matters.
      • Friendly and relaxed atmosphere created by helpful and mature players.
      • Intense PvP in W-space, nullsec and lowsec, with no inter-alliance drama or politics involved.
      • The opportunity to stay ISK positive and still bring the fight in cool ships.
      • The chance to live the life in W-Space.
      • The support of our logistical department that will enable you be successful, you just have to be active and do it.
      • No roleplaying

    Minimum Requirements to Join:

      Below are the skills required to join TRECI. This skillset is designed to ensure that you can join in on all our activities right from the start, preventing you from pos-spinning. They will also provide basic levels of survivability in demanding wormhole environment and allow you to catch up with the people in TRECI in a relatively small timeframe.

      Please note these requirements will normally have to be met by the character you're applying with, additional alts for functions like scanning may be allowed in during the recruit period at the discretion of the RO.

      Requirements to apply to TRECI
        Required Skill and certificate summary:
        • Decent Core Skills - rank 1 named skills to V, rest to IV.
        • Astrometrics IV and support skills to III
        • A Medium tech II turret system and all relevant Gunnery Supports to IV.
        • T2 Armour Tank with Armor Compensations to IV (plus Hull Upgrades V)
        • T2 Shield Tank.
        • T2 Small and Medium Drones and Drone supports to III

        Required to fly:
        • Racial Frigate V
        • Covert Ops IV
        • Racial Cruiser V
        • Heavy Assault Cruisers IV ideally - Racial Battlecruiser IV would be acceptable for lower skilled pilots

        Racial Frigate and Cruiser should be accompanied by appropriate weapon types, and will ideally be Amarr, Gallente or Minmatar
        Caldari skilled pilots must meet the non-gunnery skills at least and will be reviewed individually.

        Additional requirements:
        • General knowledge of EVE mechanics. Wormhole experience is preferred, but not required.
        • Ability to listen AND speak on Mumble (freeware VOIP). There will be no exceptions to this.
        • Ability to communicate in English.
        • Willing to live where we live - whilst many of us take breaks into other parts of space, you must be willing to make our C5 your main base.

        Note that the above list is not wholly definitive, and in some cases, certain skill requirements may be exempt from this list. Such exemptions will be considered if:
        • You hold a competent degree of knowledge about WH mechanics.
        • You hold other redeeming skills which will prove valuable to the corp.
        • The missing skills are minor and can be trained in a period of maximum 12 days.
        • An existing fully fledged member vouches for your ability and personality.
We will always accept outstanding pilots, regardless of timezone.

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