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How To Apply

Interested in joining the ranks of TRECI?
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How To Apply

PostMon Jan 09, 2012 8:50 pm

Recruitment for the following timezones is OPEN
  • EU
  • US
  • AU - selective

Instructions for applying to TRECI

***Please do not apply in game before completing the process below and being officially accepted to TRECI. Such a case will be automatically rejected.

1) Complete the application questionnaire here.

2) Join our public channel, TRECI, in game and chat with us and ask any questions you may have.

3) Wait for a response through evemail.

4) Make yourself available for an interview. ROs will contact you through our public channel.

6) Wait for an evemail from an RO. Final acceptance or rejection will take up to 7 days from the time you have provided an application form, a complete set of APIs and an interview. ROs may contact you for clarifications during this time. Failure to provide the correct information will lengthen the recruitment period.

5) In cases that go past a week in response feel free to contact an RO yourself via evemail, PM, conversation in game, or other ways available to you. A list of ROs and their respective timezones is listed below.

7) If accepted you will become a trial member of TRECI, and be brought into our home WH at your leisure.

TRECI Recruitment Officers

  • Intana Kreis - EU
  • Valencia Mariana - EU
  • TheGreatBelow - US
  • Nors Phlebas Sabelhpsron - EU
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Re: How To Apply

PostFri Apr 19, 2013 12:58 am

Application Form:

    If you are interested in living with us in W-space, please fill in the following application form, and email it to "", please include as much detail as you feel relevant. We generally want explanations rather than one line answers.

    After your application is recieved, you will be contacted by a recruitment officer (RO) within 7 days for a brief interview.

    Your application and interview will be posted to our forums (excluding your API and User ID, which are classified), and our membership will decide whether or not they would like to accept you into the corp as an initiate. Once a decision has been reached, you will be informed by an RO.

    Whilst you wait for the screening process to take place, you are highly encouraged to join our public channel, "TRECI", to mingle with our members, and ask any questions you may have concerning TRECI WH life.

    Our application form is as follows:

      Character Questions:
        1. What is your character name?
        2. Are any of your characters purchased?
        3. Do you have any alts? If so, list them.
        4. Please enter a passworded eveboard link (and a password) for the character you are applying with. (Look at for more details).
        5. Please send us a link or links to your characters' PvP stats on killboard(s) you used the most.
        6. Please provide full API keys for all your accounts, active and inactive, including all characters on those accounts. For simplicity, following this link will create a full API key. Make sure it is account wide and has no expiration date: ... =268435455

        A separate API mask will be required of you to be kept on file should you be promoted to a full member.

        Note: TRECI is a corporation for mains - the character you're applying with should not be the alt of another active character. We're OK with you using a personal alt corporation or having alts in an NPC corp but you shouldn't have alts in another player corporation without permission from a director.

      Real Life Questions:
        1. What is your real-life age and country of residence (include timezone)?
        2. Do you understand spoken and written English?
        3. During which times do you generally play? (Eve Time)
        4. On average, how many hours of Eve do you play in a week?
        5. We use Mumble and Teamspeak (Freeware VOIP), and having a mic is required. Does that pose any problem?
        6. Tell us something about yourself in real life.

      Background Questions:
        1. How did you hear about TRECI?
        2. Why do you want to join us?
        3. Describe your experience with wormholes.
        4. What expertise do you bring to TRECI? Why would we recruit you? Tell us what sets you apart from other capsuleers in EVE Online.
        5. If applicable, state why you are leaving your previous corp.

      Interests Questions
        1. What are your longterm goals in EVE?
        2. What are some of your daily activities in EVE?
        3. Rank the following areas of interest from 1 (least enjoyed) to 7 (most enjoyed).

          Areas of Interest:
          • Marketing/Distribution
          • Research/Production
          • PVE
          • PVP Skirmishing
          • PVP Major Ops
          • Scouting
          • Other (specify)

        4. Write a brief summary of your EVE career. In this summary you may wish to include:
        • How long you've played.
        • The corporations and alliances you were a part of.
        • Favorite fights/incidents.
        • Relationships of note with persons and/or corps/alliances.
        • Favorite things to do in EVE.

      Skills Questions
        1. Below are our minimum ship requirements. Can you fly a fully T2 fit...
        • Covert Ops?
        • Heavy Assault Cruiser? (Can be substituted with a T3)
        • Armor T3 within 30 days? (all subs to 5 (prop sub to 4), strategic cruiser skill to 3)
        2. Below are our minimum fitting skill requirements. Can you fit...
        • A full T2 shield and armor tank?
        • Appropriate T2 weapons for above required ships?
        3. Below is a list of optional, specialized ship roles. Can you fly a fully T2 fit...
        • Recon?
        • Logistics?
        • Command Ship?
        • Interceptor?
        • Interdictor?
        • Heavy Interdictor?
        4. Briefly explain your experience, if any, with the above specialized ships and roles. (scouting, logistics, recons, cloaky T3s, etc.)
        5. Can you or your alt fly T2 transports or capital ships? If so, which ones?
        6. Do you have any FC experience? If so, please tell us about it.
        7. How acquainted are you with scanning and exploration?
        8. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

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